Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Score one for Grover

I don't really fully understand what's going on, but it ALMOST seems like Mike Hargrove is less confused about how to manage a game than he used to be.

Today's example is bullpen usage. Lowe, Sherrill-as-LOOGY, then a rested Putz for more than an inning to nail down a tight game. Suh-weet!

Was Carl Everett staying in the lineup by secretly pumping Grover full of hallucinogenic drugs? C'mon, who else thought that earlier in the season, Hargrove looked a lot like one of those glassy-eyed cult members waiting to commit ritual suicide when the mother ship arrived? Not so much any more.

(Note that in the linked pic, even as early as Spring, Grover was giving some sort of secret hand/head/horns sign, while carefully shielding his eyes from scrutiny.)


More investigation to follow...


At 9:25 PM, Blogger Tad said...

So we had to get Everett off of the roster to get him out of the middle of the order, but Grover has been using the pen better of late, I'll grant you.

Pennant race baby! I'd start to dream about a sweep of the A's this weekend, but I see Blanton is starting for Oak-town on Sunday. Whaddya think? 2 hitter? 1 walk and 3 strikeouts? Blanton kills us. And only us.

At 6:01 AM, Blogger Jason said...

Pennant race indeed! The good news for us, living with Hargrove as manager, is that A's fans are even MORE irate about Ken Macha's stupid in-game management, and their inferior offense has played more close games that the manager could lose.

More and more, I think it's the Angels that we should worry about. And therefore I've become confident that we're really in it.


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