Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Your suckitude mileage may vary...

This (somewhat extremist) opinion by fellow blogger Mariners Revolution is worth noting in light of the recent trade activity, and makes a good point.

I disagree with the premise that Choo is an impact player, or our #2 prospect, or major league ready (the Indians intend to start him in right field going forward--it sez here he hits .240/.300/.370 in that role in 2006), but even without that high a ranking, it is basically the case that Bavasi has had to cover for Hargrove's refusal to bench Everett by trading two mid-level (and therefore valuable) prospects (Cabrera and Choo) to get to use Cleveland's Opening Day first-base platoon for a portion of the 2006 season.

This all could have been avoided by staying far away from Carl Everett in the first place, so Bavasi's not entirely blameless here.

In any case, while I stand by my "doesn't totally suck" analysis, if Choo turns out to be better than the M's thought, then the trade looks worse.


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