Wednesday, July 26, 2006

One Man's Trade Endorsement

I like the deal, I really do. Broussard is a good hitter against righties and you own his rights for two more years. In a platoon with Perez, he dramatically improves your DH position over Jurassic Carl.

I think Choo is a classic tweener. Not going to hit enough to play a corner OF spot, not good enough defensively to play center. He probably ends up as a 4th outfielder. That's not a terrible price to pay for Broussard.

If Jones is your CF of the future, pipcking up Broussard commits you to Ibanez in left, so your outfield is set. If you can fix either the 3b or 1b problem in the offseason, that is starting to look like a pretty good lineup.

Getting Broussard actually makes it easier to fix the 1b problem, by the way. If you want to punt Sexson in the offseason you can replace him with either a 1b or an outfielder, because you could move Broussard to 1b and Ibanez to DH. Sign Dellucci or Mench to play left and you can then spend the rest of Sexson's money on a starting pitcher. Now we're talking!

The only thing I don't like is that if Dobbs goes down when Broussard arrives, it means Snelling probably inherits the Roberto Petagine Memorial Bench Seat of Nothingness. I'm not sure it does Snelling any good to come up and sit, unless the goal now is just to have him survive the rest of the season in one piece!


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