Friday, August 11, 2006

Mateo is the new Everett

Julio Mateo = Grover's new toy.

Mr. Mateo had a fantastic 2003 season. He was pretty solid last year as well. But his control has totally fallen apart in 2006, despite his 8 wins...he's up to nearly 4 walks per nine innings this season, a career worst by a country mile.

His K-rate is also down (5.4 this season, after falling to 5.3 last season) from a couple of years ago, when he was routinely above 6.5 in that department. These numbers indicate statistically something that the average fan could tell you after watching an outing or two by the reliever:

He looks bad.

Not looks bad like "I have a face for radio," but like "I can't get major league hitters out anymore because I have little clue where my pitches are going."

Why, oh why, does Mike Hargrove feel the need to run Mateo out to the mound for anything other than mop-up duty? My current theory rhymes with "Carl Everett left Julio his stash of incriminating photos of Super Grover." But who knows...maybe Mike Hargrove is merely incapable of judging the skills of his own players.

We're in Hell, Mariners fans, and Mike Hargrove is the boring yet painful fire licking the soles of our feet.

What the heck...maybe I'll turn my attention to the upcoming futbol (and football) seasons. If I pretend he's not there, will Grover cease to exist? Oh please oh please oh please...


At 7:54 AM, Blogger Tad said...

And talk about not putting guys in a place to succeed? Why oh why would you let Jo-el Pinata load the bases in the 7th after getting knocked around in the 6th?

Pinata is the definition of a 5 to 6 inning pitcher! If you get 6 innings and 3 runs out of him, count your blessings and get him off the mound.

If you refuse to you the 4 studs in your bullpen because you are behind, you have to at least give the scrubs a chance. Let them start an inning! Give them a bases empty opportunity.

For. The. Love!


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