Friday, June 22, 2007

Days of Junior Past

We make no secret of our adoration for Junior Griffey here at Tatonka.

Its not like we're blind to his weaknesses. He can be whiny, petulant, moody, and thin-skinned. He was notorious for calling out members of the press who had written or said things critical of him wihtout having actually read or heard the criticisms. Although I truly believe his desire to be traded was largely for the reasons he said at the time (to be closer to his family) the way it all went down left a bad taste in my mouth certainly.

But I am more excited about this game tonight as I have been for any game in a long time. At least as far back as Felix's first start, but itmay be even longer since I've been this pumped. I am attending my first game of the year on Saturday. I am Tivoing the game tomight and will probably re-watch the pre-game ceremony at some point in the next week. Get the picture?

There was a preview piece this week in one of the papers. For graphics they used his Upper Deck rookie card (got one), his candy bar (yep), and the Sports Illustrated cover with "The Natural" emblazoned across the front (it got a little beat up in a move, but yes I still have it). I got them all out last night and just kind of looked through them. I might bring my autographed ball (Spring Training 1992) to the game on Saturday, just to have it.

This weekend, I get to see my favorite player of all time. The bat waggle, that perfect swing, hopefully a smile or two, a reminder of the salad days of Mariner baseball. A reminder of the Kid who led us from the darkness, the player who made the Mariners a laughing stock no more. Yeah, I'm a little excited.


At 12:32 PM, Blogger CJ said...

Coming of age as a diehard baseball fan when Griffey was a Mariner -- I'm 31 now -- I really, really tried hard to support him. But I just could not stand his churlishness. There were one too many incidents of whining or loafing or whatever, and my friends and I just snapped...

Anyway, cheers for your candor about his drawbacks. I hope you enjoy the game on Saturday. I don't think he deserves the hero's welcome the city seems poised to give him, but I do think it'll be a nice moment regardless. And besides, there's always 1995 highlights to clear away all the bad memories. :)

(And as a long-time reader, first-time poster, I hope you don't mind if I blog-pimp my post "Taking A Pass On Seattle's Griffey Lovefest Weekend" on this topic. Go M's!)

At 9:56 AM, Blogger Tad said...

I definitely would have had mixed feelings if Griffey had come back within a year or two of leaving and I agree with a lot of your points. I had forgotten the sign thing you mentioned in your post. That was classic.

Over the years though, I haven't deliberately forgotten the churlish side of Junior (It was shocking to see how PAINFULLY uncomfortable he still is around the press, wow!) its just that those memories have faded much more so than the great catches and moonshot homeruns.


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