Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Bitter Flute of Disappointment

F "Oh, Jimmy, we'll never get home."
J "Sure we will, Freddie! We've just got to think positive thoughts!"
F "It just feels like we're in a looping cycle of rerun upon rerun...it's like we're playing the same season over and over and over again."
J "C'mon, don't you LIKE living here on Living Island? Where else would a talking magic golden flute not be viewed as a freak?!"
F "Look out, Jimmy! It's Witchiepoo!!!"
J "Nah, that's just Bill Bavasi. Hey, Mr. Bavasi! What are YOU doing here?"
B "Why, what a nice young man. What's your name, son?"
J "Jimmy, sir."
B "Well, Jimmy Sir, I was hoping to find Mayor Pufnstuf. I heard he has a line on a living tree that can field like nobody's business. I understand defense is the way to go in my line of work, and that's why I've collected the best defenders money can buy."
J "You mean like Yuniesky Betancourt?"
B "Ho ho ho! You're very funny, Jimmy Sir. No, I'm talking about veterans with vast experience at playing the field, like Raul Ibanez and Jose Vidro."
"But I'll tell you what. You're pretty polite, and you've got that eerie flute, so how about you play for my team instead?"
J "Will it get me out of reruns?"
F "Yeah!"
B "Ahhh, not exactly. But I HAVE led the way to 'improving' my team every year! [Aside: "Not sure how I'm gonna do that next season...."]
J "No thanks, mister. I'd rather run away from scary trees that can't move very fast than have to learn a whole new tragic routine. Besides, I inspired Sigmund and the Sea Monsters!"
B "Oh, yeah, classic stuff. Well, those trees sound pretty agile. I'm gonna keep looking for..."
Everyone sings: "H.R. Pufnstuf....Can't do a little 'cause he can't do enough."


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