Tuesday, August 28, 2007

That was disappointing

I was there, the crowd was very into the game, particularly early. You know, before we got down 6 to zip. Johnny Mac getting tossed definitely got the crowd riled up. That was fun. Not exactly a sea of blue either. It didn't appear that there was any more than there would have been normally. Lots of good non-orchestrated chants throughout the game. A couple of I-chi-ro! one and 3 or 4 Lets! Go! Mariners! Its alwasy nice to see a crowd cheer without being commanded to by the Jumbotron.

Lopez definitely was too nonchalant on the tag of Matthews at second. But Matthews evasion of the tag was awesome. 99% of the time, baserunners just slide into Lopez' tag, especially when they are out by that much. So yes he should have been more agressive there, but baseball is funny that way. If he goes and puts a hard tag on Matthews, that Angels are probably bitching after the game about how unneccesary it was.

Anyway, the pitching matchups get better for us after this game, with Spicoli versus Santana the Lesser tonight and then Felix versus Spicoli's Little Brother on Wednesday.

The only result that is definitive in this series is a sweep by the Angels. Anything else and there is still a lot of baseball left to play. That being said, it would be great to get the next two.


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