Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yay, Richie Sexson! Boo, John McLaren!

Okay, 9th inning monster walk-off shots are so cool! And we absolutely need to win these types of games. Our runs scored/runs against numbers just don't support the record we have put up, so we need to keep winning the close ones.

And lets hope that Big Sexy is back on his game. That we are going to see 8 weeks of awesome from our first baseman. I still don't know why he couldn't have "found his stroke" in a platoon with Broussard, but I hope this is it for Sexy.

On the other hand, both Walt and Jason have wondered why we traded for John Parrish, but I think we all had a "oh, well" attitude about it. After all we are talking about the 7th man in a 7 man bullpen. The long guy, the mop-up guy.

Enter John McLaren, who decides to try Parrish as a situational lefty, trying to protect a 2 run lead against Johan Freaking Santana! One 4 pitch walk, a single, and a sacrifice later, the tying runs are in scoring position with only one down. Nice work Parrish! The only out he got, the Twins were trying to make on purpose!

Why would you trade for a guy with an ERA north of 5, only 36 strikeouts in 43 innings and almost as many walks as strikeouts? And more importantly, why would you use that guy to try and protect a two run lead late? Arggggghhhh!


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