Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Day We Won the West

Well, just call it a season now, folks. The Mariners, behind supergenius Bill Bavasi, have just pulled off the trade coup of the century, adding that final piece that will push this team over the top to make us not only an ice cold lock for AL West champs this season, but also will propel us through the playoffs and straight to the World Series.

That's right...we just picked up a left hander who represents the final piece of the puzzle.

...what? The guy we got was John Parrish? John Parrish, Mr. "I can't find the plate with both hands?" Mr. "but Tommy John surgery made so many other guys better pitchers!" Mr. "but I was really good as a reliever in AA?"

Never mind. Sorry, nothing to see here. Move along.

Same old Mariners. I'm STILL in baseball hell. Hey, look, now we think Turbo's a second baseman! Wheeeeee!


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