Saturday, March 01, 2008

What's at Stake? The Lineup

Absolutely fucking nothing. This is the lineup:

1B - Sexson
2b - Lopez
SS - Betancourt
3b - Beltre
C - Johjima
LF - Ibanez
CF - Ichiro
RF - Wilkerson
DH - Vidro

Does that look like the lineup of a pennant winner to you?

I suppose that if Lopez struggles they could start Bloomquist, but instead of signing a real second baseman to challenge him, they gave guaranteed money to Miguel Cairo. I suppose Balentien could hit the crap out of the ball and force his way into the starting lineup, but it will be at the expense of Wilkerson I'm sure and not Vidro.

This lineup just screams for a real first baseman and a real left fielder (pushing Raul to DH and Vidro to the bench) but the M's don't even have fallbacks for those two positions. Bavasi is rolling the dice on Sexson and Ibanez/Vidro. Hope he enjoys his retirement...


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