Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Edgar, A Hero For Our Time

Buried under other Hot Stove doings (non-tender deadline, signing Washburn and Everett, etc.) was today's presentation of the Edgar Martinez Award (nee Outstanding Designated Hitter award). Big Papi reeled in his third straight EdGRR, but more importantly: How cool is having an award named after our very own favorite son?

Congrats, Mr. Ortiz...but you're no Edgar Martinez.

Is it just me, or do we establish more permanent fan connections to players like Edgar and Bone, rather than those like the Kid and A-Rod, not due to their superior talent, but instead just because they never abused their stardom? (Well, getting me to shave my head for a free ticket might have been Jay Buhner abusing his stardom a bit, but...c'mon.)

In any case, close your eyes today and picture Edgar stroking a double off the wall. Hear Dave Niehaus scream. And smile.


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