Monday, May 22, 2006

LIve Game Report: M's 10, Padres 8

Nice crowd for Sunday's game, the loudest I've heard this year. It was Little League Day though, so draw your own conclusions.

Man, Mike Cameron can play CF. He ran down a couple of balls that I thought were doubles. He makes them look routine. I loved Junior, but Cammy is the best defensive outfielder the M's have ever had.

Felix, oh Felix. He could not throw strikes with his curveball, so he fell behind batter after batter and had to throw fastballs. I didn't chart him, but there were a couple of sequences where he threw 5,6,7 fastballs in a row. If guys are waiting on Felix's fastball, they can hit it it seems. His velocity was good, 95-97, but he doesn't seem to be able to survive as a one pitch pitcher. I saw very few change-ups yesterday as well.

Hargrove tried his best to blow the big inning by having Johjima sacrifice and Betancourt squeeze. Johjima bunted foul, then singled in a run on the next pitch, and Yuniesky beat out the bunt after a little bit of a bobble by Blum. So Hargrove didn't give away those two outs that he tried to and was rewarded with an 8 run inning. You just can't sacrfice in the second inning! Its crazy! Get hits! Score runs!

My daughter's new favorite player is Jeremy Reed. For some reason she loved the graphic: I feel the need, the need for Reed.

Jurassic Carl's favorite subjects in school: Math and Science. I am not making this up.


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