Thursday, October 05, 2006

Division Playoffs Day 3

Some quick hit thoughts on today's playoff action:

Tigers 4, Yankees 3. Verlander struggled all day but only got hurt by the fastball he didn't get far enough inside to Damon. Zumaya's stuff is just sick. I can't think of another pitcher who could just blow fastballs by Jeter, Sheffield, Abreu, Giambi and A-Rod. Just sick. Yankee fans booed A-Rod in his last two at-bats, it was amazing. Mussina also pitched pretty well but 5 of his 8 hits were for extra bases. I loved that Leyland went and got Verlander with a 1-1 count. He told reporters afterwards, "I just didn't like the fastball before that." Can you imagine Grover doing that? Me neither.

Cardinals 2, Padres 0. Orel Hershiser is quickly becoming one of my favorite analysts and Berman was pretty restrained today, especially compared to Tuesday. When the Padres got men on in the 5th and the 6th and couldn't plate them Orel pointed out that it was a pretty big deal even though it was only a 2 run lead, because the shadows that cross home plate in the afternoon were about to take effect and runs were going to be tough to come by. Neither team has scored after the 6th in either game, so he was spot on there. Its sure painful to watch LaRussa manage especially with a off day coming up. 4 pitching changes in 2 innings at one point.

Mets 4, Dodgers 1. The Dodgers look completely overmatched in this series. They looked sloppy defensively and just out of sorts at the plate. Glavine didn't seem to have anything special tonight, but LA never seemed that close. In the bottom of the 4th, you really saw why Shea is such a pitchers park. Cliff Floyd absolutely crushed a ball that just died at the warning track. I thought it was an upper deck shot when he hit it. I'm looking forward to seeing Maddux pitch on Saturday.


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