Friday, January 26, 2007

Nightmare Weaver?

As if the offseason couldn't get any worse. Nahh, since there's nothing worth buying now on the FA market, I don't really care how many millions of dollars the M's throw away in the form of paychecks written to Jeff Weaver (brother of a really fine pitcher!). What a catastrophe 2007 is going to be.

I remain a fan, but as you can easily tell from the general stunned silence of the M's blogosphere, this particular January has been one of trying not to pay attention too closely, lest we start sobbing again like the Dread Pirate Roberts after a heinous session with the Machine.

And now Bavasi has to try once again to attract our attention by signing a shiny new free agent pitcher to an exciting multimillion dollar contract.

I can't really condemn this move, which alone makes it the single most positive thing that Bavasi has done all offseason. Then again, I'm particularly high on Jeff Weaver, in that 1-out-of-5 dentists who DON'T endorse sugarless gum kind of way.

Well, we're still here...that's something. Despite the concerted effort of Bill Bavasi, the Mariners front office just can't kill the fans off. Nice try, though. Moron.


At 7:52 AM, Blogger Tad said...

Weaver's not the worst pickup in the world. High praise, eh? I think the move to the NL masked what was a pretty steep decline in LA.

And while 8 million seems like too much, at least it was only a one year deal, so the next general manager won't have to worry about it much...


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