Sunday, March 11, 2007

If Chuck Armstrong is Ephialtes, does that make Arte Moreno Xerxes?

I seem to lack motivation this week to post, despite the advent of actual baseball games, accompanied by all sorts of buzz in the blogosphere and regular press.

That trend will continue for a good week, as we Tatonkans (?) abandon our immersion in all things trident for a long weekend of shameless non-baseball sporting enjoyment. Fear not, faithful reader: as the blog goes dark, so will it shine again, imparting light into the horrid little corners of the Mariner organization until the cockroaches and lesser demons that hide there are driven away.

In the meantime, enjoy Spring Training, boxscores, inane player comments, inane sportswriters columns, pondering the meaning of BSG episode 16, warm weather and the smell of real grass, and life.

By the way...if you have seen (or are planning to see) 300 soon, I absolutely insist that you must first (or immediately, if you've already been to the theater) also rent the fantastic 1962 film The 300 Spartans, and note how little even Frank Miller has been able to improve on an already great story. The themes of the new film stand out even more sharply in this contrast.


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