Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fire John McLaren!

Just Kidding!

Seriously, I like the lineup he rolled out there on Tuesday, even though they got crushed.

CF Ichiro
1B Vidro
DH Ibanez
RF Guillen
CA Johjima
3B Beltre
SS Betancourt
2B Lopez
LF Bloomquist

Its creative. With a lefty going for KC, he decides not to use Broussard, but instead of just sticking Willie at first like Grover would have done, McLaren uses teh opportunity to move other guys around.

Getting Bloomquist into the outfield is a huge defensive improvement, and if Vidro is passable at first then its a net gain. Plus if Vidro can play the field even a little bit, it might make him easier to trade in the off-season!

This lineup gives me hope that they might bring up Adam Jones and be able to find some at-bats for him. It gives me hope that they can find more at-bats for Broussard without using him so much in the outfield.

Of course we did get absolutely crushed with this lineup, so what the hell do I know?


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