Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stop Standing Still!

Dear Mr. Bavasi:

At the All-star break, there were all these rumors that you were going to bring up Adam Jones or trade for a starter or a reliever. Everyone got excited! You had daily talk show positive news!

But you apparently didn't want to rock the boat. You were on a hot streak and as every Bull Durham Fan knows, you never fuck with a hot streak. So you've done nothing. Well you've done a few things. You guys moved Morrow out of the setup role. Good. Unfortunately, you've left him in the major league pen in a mop-up role, instead of learning how to start in the minors. Bad. You've also put Chris Reitsma into his set-up spot. Bad. You've plugged HoRam back into his rotation spot with the predictable mixed results.

Look, you've lost 5 in a row, but are still only two games out of a playoff spot. You need to make some moves to help this team win! There are lots of things you can do that would cost you nothing!

1. Stop playing Sexson every day. I know that Sexson at his best is better than Broussard, but Broussard right now, is better than Richie right now. He's 7 for 39 (that's .179!) since the break and you guys hav played him every damn day. Not one single day off. Make a platoon if you want. But play Broussard, at first, 3-4 times a week.

2. Stop screwing around with Reitsma and Morrow and make Green and Sherrill your setup men.

3. For the thousandth time! Bring up Adam Jones! Let Ibanez and Vidro have a death match for the DH at bats. This team needs a shot in the arm. Now! You are scoring a little over two runs a game during the losing streak. Jones is hitting 318/384/590 at Tacoma. He can help.

I'd love for you trade for a good starter, but I'm not hearing about a lot of guys out there. But there are 3 moves that would make your team better right now. Do them, Bill! Please.

Your pal,



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