Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ok, this is getting serious.

12 games over .500

3 and 1/2 games out of first place.

A game and a half out of the wild card.

3 of their last 4, 11 of their last 14, 18 of their last 28.

Defying most expectations, the M's are contenders. We are over halfway through the season and we are definitely in it.

So its time to get serious about things. We have two outfielders tearing it up in Tacoma, Adam Jones and Wladimir Balentien. They aren't both going to play next year, so one of them needs to be dealt for a good starter. Not a decent starter, not a gamble, but someone good. If you can get Buehrle for Wlad and one of the kid relievers, you do it.

Next you need to end the Vidro at DH disaster. Yes, the shiny 286 batting average looks good, but there is nothing else there. No walks, no power, no speed, no defense. That's not enough. You have options. You could play Broussard against righties. Hell you could DH Broussard every damn day and be better off.

Even better though, you could bring up Adam Jones, make him your everyday left fielder and push Ibanez to DH. Raul seems really dinged up, letting him DH the rest of the year might get more production out of him, so you potentially could be helping yourself out at two lineup spots. Plus the defensive upgrade would be huge. Maybe Jones can't make the leap, but he seems to have AAA down, so you have to give him a shot. He wouldn't have to play great to improve on Vidro and then you would know what you had for next year.

But next year is next year. Its time to get serious about this year. Right now. Fix the rotation and fix the DH spot, Bill. Its time.


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