Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Its official, no playoffs for us this year. That's 6 straight years if you are counting, which I am.

4 years under Bavasi, no playoff appearances. He was in Anaheim for 5 years with no playoff appearances. Quite a little record of futility.

Maybe we can play some of the young guys now?

Balentien - 2 ABs, recalled sept 4th
Clement - 4 ABs, recalled Sept 4th
Charlton Jimerson - 2 ABs, recalled Sept 1st
Rob Johnson - 1 AB, Recalled Sept 1st

One at-bat for Johnson? Really? One?

Adam Jones has 23 at-bats in September. 23. That's what 5 games worth? For the whole month. Ridiculous.


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