Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Random Ballgame Stories

In addition to being on FSNW's broadcast just above the shoulder of left handed hitters on the 3rd base closeup camera, I made the Big Screen for the first time ever. I did not notice until I was told.

There was a 10 year old kid sitting behind me who needs his own blog. He not only knew fanboy stuff like that Andrew Sisco was a local boy and that Sexson's nickname really is Big Sexy, he explained to his Dad that he could tell Felix's pitches apart by the speed on the gun and that Betancourt had hit okay at Tacoma but it was all batting average driven (he really doesn't walk much, Dad). He also explained to his sister when Jonah Bayliss came in for the Royals that it wasn't just his ERA that was bad really all his stats were bad. Too many hits, not enough strikeouts, and the walks, come on! I seriously wanted to hug him. It was awesome. Statheads reaching out to the next generation!

His Dad had a thick Scandanavian accent and an enormous camera that he was having problems with. Its always funny to hear people swear in English with an accent. He must have said, "It makes no fucking sense!" twenty times in nine innings.

John Buck had a bad game for the Royals. No actual errors but he reminded me of Olivo behind the dish. He probably dropped 10 balls. Most of them with no one on and all but he just was having trouble catching the ball. He also bobbled a throw home, and then bounced the throw to second on the only steal attempt against him. After the 4th or so miscue, my wife said, "Maybe he should consider another position. You know one that doesn't have 'catch' in the actual name of the position?" And from then on she repeated it everytime he muffed another one. My wife is not a heckler, so its really funny when she does get on someone.

I'm at the day game today, so I'll check in with a game report afterwards!


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