Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Poor use of resources

So Gil Meche, comes off the DL pitches 2 good innings and goes right back into the rotation. Reasons why that is a dumb idea:

1. Meche is not pitching very well this year and two good innings are not more conclusive than the 137 previous ones. Seriously, you are going to let two innings make your decisions for you!
2. Meche's arm and shoulder are very fragile. He has worn down each season since coming back. Any excuse to get his innings down is a good one. Let him finish this year in the pen, don't risk further injury.
3. He appears to like pitching out of the pen. From the Times piece:

It's a different mindset coming in from the bullpen," said the right-hander, who is 10-8 with a 5.16 earned-run average. "You can get after it; you don't have to pace yourself. I'm just looking forward to getting into a couple more games."

I am trying to work myself into a rant here, but I just can't. This season has sucked. Putting Meche back into the rotation for two more starts is just dumb, but who cares anymore.


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