Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Pitching

Is Jeff Harris our second best starter right now? He just might be. Jamie has been fairly mediocre to decent except for one really bad stretch in May and the rest of the non-Felix rotation has been a disaster.

Mariner starters are 11th out of 14 in ERA despite playing in an excellent pitchers park. Pick a pitching measure, they suck at it. K/BB ratio? 13th. WHIP? 12th. OPS against? 12th. They are easier to score on than a room full of drunk soroity girls.

I don't know that next year looks any better. Of course you've got Felix. That'll help a lot. But after that who knows? Burnett and Millwood are going to get huge contracts, probably beyond their worth. Can Bavasi swing a trade for someone else? He's probably going to have to, because you cannot really afford to just roll Piniero, Franklin and Meche out there again and hope.

And what about Brian Price? How much blame does he get for this? I don't think he had a ton to work with, but a few years ago we were talking about him being in the elite of pitching coaches. After the last two years I don't think we can put him in that class anymore. He's not Leo Mazzone that's for sure, although frankly, who is?? I'll tell you this, if long-time Grover crony Mark Wiley comes free this off-season (he's coaching for the Marlins) Price probably better dust off his resume.


At 12:54 PM, Blogger Pete Livengood said...

"Can Bavasi swing a trade for someone else?"

I think he may be able to swing a trade for Jason Schmidt. Schmidt has an option year left ($10.5M, with a $3.5M buyout), and the Giants shopped him at the deadline and were rumored before that to be considering declining Schmidt's 2006 option. The price they were asking at the deadline (two MLB-ready starters, plus a pitching prospect) is pretty steep, but if they are willing to take either Meche or Piniero plus somebody like Nageotte, I think it may be worth pursuing. Schmidt is from Vancouver, WA and almost signed here the last time he was a FA, and he would probably be open to an extension if the M's were interested in that.

If they don't pursue a trade, there isn't much out there in t4he FA market beyond A.J. Burnett (Matt Morris, Jeff Weaver, Kevin Millwood, and Jarrod Washburn are the most intriguing names to me, but none of them could really be considered better than a #2 at best).

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