Thursday, August 18, 2005

You're the scout

Hardcore M's fans (like the 10-year old future human+cylon stat+scout mentioned in Tad's last post) who see a lot of games in person might be interested in participating in the following project. Tangotiger is engaged in the third year of collecting fans' knowledge of the fielding prowess of their team's players, in on ongoing effort to marry stats and scouting to solve the current Riddle of the Sphinx, to wit, how many legs does Willie Bloomquist have? Oh, wait, that's not the question. It's instead this: how do we measure fielding meaningfully? In any case, navigate on over to Tangotiger's site to check it out.

Sadly, I'm reduced to enjoying the M's from the vantage point of Rick Rizzs, et al., so I'm pretty much unable to contribute anything meaningful to this study in 2005. That's what I get for living thousands of miles away from the Safe. But by all means, you lucky dawgs who get to attend the King's court every five days, go rate our fielders.


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