Wednesday, August 24, 2005


A few tidbits from the local papers:

According to the TNT, its hot in Texas! Shocking! Actually, the fact that they are playing a day game on Thursday is just criminal, I agree. Let's hope Kenny Rogers isn't pitching, the heat might get to him.

Also, Bobby Madritsch has pain in his shoulder. Again. He was playing it off in the article, but I am officially very nervous about him for next year. And it goes without saying that Bob Melvin should have to provide for Madritsch's children.

In the P-I, John Hickey seems to be implying that the Mariner's shouldn't let Felix throw more than 50 innings so he's eligible for next year's Rookie of the Year award. Because, you know, that's real important. I mean look at A-Rod, the same scenario (he played enough in 95 that we wasn't ROY eligible for his brilliant 96 campaign) pretty much killed his career. It hurt his long-term earning potential, frankly.

In that same P-I notebook, we learn that Morse is going to get a start in the outfield. Whether you think that is a good thing depends on your view of Morse I guess. If he think he is part of next year's team then, great lets make him a little more versatile. But, if he is trade bait, you'd rather see them use him at short. He has more value to other teams as a shortstop than an outfielder. His line of 293/360/399 is pretty decent for a SS, not so much for an outfielder. I don't think I realized he was slugging that low, thats only 13 XBH in 188 ABs. Bleach.

In case you haven't guessed it, I'm in the second camp. Betancourt has the job for now, and if he can't hit enough, the M's have about a billion minor league shortstops (give or take), so Morse's value lies primarily in the pitching he might be able to bring in a trade.


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