Sunday, August 21, 2005

See Ya Later SandFrog

The Mariners finally released Scott Spiezio. I understand the reluctance to eat his contract, but please, the guy had nothing left. And really, what is he owed for this season and next, 4 million? Hardly chump change, but also not crippling to the 3rd highest revenue club in the majors.

I know its completely unsubstantiated, but the circumstantial evidence that this guy was a steroid user is pretty high. He was fringe player in Oakland from 96-99. Lets see, who was on those Oakland teams? McGwire and the Giambi brothers. Leaving Oakland he found a power spike, slugging over .450 for the next 4 years in Anaheim, never having slugged that high before. Coming to Seattle after testing was implemented he stunk. Then in that last offseason he lost 50 pounds supposedly? By cutting out pizza and ice cream? Right. Its unlikely to ever be proved, but I think Scott Spiezio used steroids and I think it cost the M's 9 million dollars. Bleach.

They replaced him with Dobbs on the roster, but lets hope the ABs go to Jamal Strong who deserves a shot to show whether he can be a capable 4th outfielder or not.

The other move the M's made was putting Meche on the DL. Its for tendonitis in his knee but I suspect that his arm is bothering him also. I also wonder if he wouldn't have been shut down sooner if he was under contract for next year. But maybe I'm just being cynical.


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