Sunday, September 25, 2005

Things to watch for

Through Saturday Ichiro had 194 hits. 6 hits in his last 7 games would give him his 5th straight year of 200 hits. No one has ever had 5 straight 200 hit years to open their career. I also belive Ichiro is working on a personal streak of 12 straight years of 200 hits.

Richie Sexson needs 2 homers for 40.

Raul needs 1 homer for 20. What, you say 20 homers is not a significant milestone? Well, a certain blogger here at Tatonka, let's call him "Tab," promised to eat a hat if Mr. Ibanez hit 20 bombs at any point during the ridiculous 4 year deal the M's gave him.

He's got 7 games to get it. Gulp.


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