Wednesday, October 12, 2005

M's News

Lots of rumors flying about, particularly about pitching coaches.

Finnegan, in the Times, reports that Mel Stottlemyer IS a candidate. Of course its Finnegan, so don't be too surprised that Hargrove is quoted fairly emphatically by EPSN, that Todd's Dad is NOT a candidate. Keep in mind though, that Mel hasn't officially been fired or quit from the Yankees, so Grover pretty much has to say that.

Mark Wiley is apprently out of the running as he wants to be closer to his home in Florida and Jim Colborn has taken a job with the Pirates, leaving none of the local paper's big rumor names still standing as candidates.

Personally I am hoping for a younger, more enlightened, pitching coach than Stottlemyer. Someone who believes in pitch counts, especially for 20 year-old wunderkinds.

In other news, the M's lost Miggy Ojeda to Colorado when they took him off the 40 man roster. On the one hand, I am glad they see Ojeda as freely available talent and not worth a 40 man spot at this point (you have to get your more advanced prospects protected prior to the Rule 5 draft), but on the other hand, I thought Ojeda made a pretty good backup catcher. I suppose this means a shot for Rivera as backup to Torrealba. Rivera is probably ready defensively, but is not going to hit in the majors, despite his nice showing in a very small sample this year.

Finally, Justin Leone was outrighted off of the 40 man and assigned to Tacoma. I still think he could have value in the Spiezio/Dobbs/Hansen role. Back up at 3b/1b, pinch hitter with some pop, hell he's even the emergency shortstop. A lot more useful than any of the three guys they had in the role last year. So at least he'll be around in spring training. Which is nice.


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