Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Reed done for year

Will Carroll at Baseball Prospectus is reporting that our boy Jeremy is done for the year (subscription required).

The final line? 254/322/352 with only 3 homers. He looked terrible on the bases too, getting thrown out 11 times while stealing only 12. 52% when the breakeven point is somewhere between 70 and 80. Not good.

On the plus side he looked pretty good in center. ESPN gives him a Range Factor of 3.05 and a Zone Rating of .943 both of which are the best marks in the majorsfor CF. His fielding percentage of .992 is 5th in the majors and leads the AL. I don't think his arm is that special, but his 7 putouts would be tied for 5th in majors. None of these are perfect measures of defense (FPctg especially) but taken as whole its pretty clear that not only can Reed handle center, he's a plus defender, maybe exceptionally so.

I'm not ready to give up on Reed offensively just yet, but the next good M's team is going to need more offense from center than a 674 OPS. A lot more.


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