Wednesday, May 24, 2006

That got ugly in a hurry

The M's end their 4 game winning streak in style! Joel gives up 4 runs in the first and then after the M's battle back to within a run, JJ and Jake Woods give up 9 in the ninth. Yowch!

Putz pitched in all three games of the Padre series and then got one night off before getting run back out there. Not suprisingly he was off his game. I actually don't have a problem with pitching JJ here (he's been great and his workload has gone down since he's been the "closer") as much as I do Sherrill and Soriano going 2/3 of an inning a piece. Knowing that Eddie had pitched the night before and that JJ had pitched 3 of the last 4 games, Grover still let his two set up guys go less than an inning each. Guh!

I don't think the Sexson salami from Monday is a sign of anything to come either. He went 0-for-4 Tuesday with 3 K's. Two of the K's were the exact same sequence:
1. Take 3 balls and get a 3-0 count.
2. Take strike 1 right down the middle.
3. Swing mightily and miss at a ball out of the zone.
4. Take strike 3 on the outside corner, bitch to the ump.

The good news? Texas and Oakland both lost, so the M's remain just 3 games back in the West.


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