Friday, October 06, 2006


Wait, you're saying, Bob Finnegan retired! Tad's not really going to do a post about A-Rod coming back is he? Is he?

Yes, yes I am.

I have heard 3 different talking heads say that if Alex doesn't play well in this post-season, the Yankees will try and trade him in in the offseason. Now we know that is crazy, just idiot former players trying to sound relevant and all, but what if it isn't? Here's what Yankees owner George Steinbrenner said about A-Rod after Thursday's game:

"I didn't like him that well."

If there is any chance that the Yankees would try and trade Alex this off-season, I want Bavasi at the front of the line. The average A-Rod season: 305/386/573 with 42 homers. Adrian Beltre has had exactly one season better than that. One. And he's not having another one. I would send AB and a couple of relievers to the Yankees in a heartbeat. I would call Yankees GM Brian Cashman so often, he would consider a restraining order against me.

If he's not available so be it, but if he is, we need to make a serious run at him. Outside of King Felix, everyone is on the table. Everyone.


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