Monday, April 14, 2008

Things we've learned after two weeks

1. Eric O'Flaherty has some issues right now. Normally, I'm in the he'll be fine, keep rolling him out there camp, but he is really struggling. Expect him to get sent down today.

2. Mike Morse cannot play the outfield. He's really, really bad. When you end up injuring yourself trying to make a reasonably simple dive, well, you may not be in the right position.

3. The total lack of depth and bench hurts this team badly. If you want to give anyone in the outfield a day off, with Jimerson inexplicably cut, our only options are Morse, Norton, and Bloomquist, all converted infielders. Beltre is hurting, so we have to start Cairo? That was a really pathetic lineup we ran out there yesterday.

Okay, okay we knew most of those things before the season even started, but the first two weeks have really crystalized those points. Despite everything though, we are what we thought we were, an around 500 ballclub hoping for some breaks.


At 10:00 PM, Blogger Walter said...

McLaren seems to be Lou Pinella on Red Bull with respect to veterans. Instead of just stifling the youngsters and punting every Sunday with the backups all in at once (which he does), he goes a step further. He imports favorite bench nobodies from years past who don't necessarily fit an already ill-constructed team, then tries to cram the square pegs into round holes. Why is 35 year old Greg Norton on this team? Why did Miguel Cairo get a guaranteed contract and supplant someone who could actually hit or field? I can understand Morse being on the club with the spring he had and the fact that he was out of options, and if he were the only bad "fit", well, so be it. But he's typical for what the M's have on the bench: no speed, no power and not likely to light the world on fire at the plate.

It's telling when your best bench player, offensively, is Willie Outquist.

At 5:22 AM, Blogger Tad said...

Yeah. After putting Morse on the DL for a pitcher, the bench is Bloomquist, Cairo, Norton and Burke.



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