Friday, October 13, 2006

The day in quotes

Some Great Comedy Lines delivered during today's playoffs:

Lou Piniella on expecting Marco Scutaro to continue to hit like he did in the division series:

"That'd be like finding a wallet on Friday night and looking for another one on Saturday and Sunday."

Steve Lyons, after Lou later used Spanish on the broadcast:

"Lou's hablaing Espanol and I still can't find my wallet. Not only do I not understand him, I don't want to sit too close to him right now."

EDITED TO ADD: Fox apparently fired Lyons for his comments. Whoops.

D-Backs OF Eric Byrnes, asked by Jeanne Zelasko what to call Scott Spiezio's odd, overly long soul patch:

"I call it The Tickler."

Finally not really from today, but damn funny.
Chad Johnson, from an ESPN commercial where Stuart Scott pitches him a touchdown celebration ending with Stu's catchphrase, "Boo-yeah!":

"Uhhhh, Boo-no."


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