Friday, October 20, 2006

McLaren named bench coach

PI reports that Hargroan (don't like it? How bout The Human Brain Delay? Numbnuts?) has hired former M's bench coach John McLaren to reprise the role on the current M's club. In the article, John Hickey credits McLaren with with helping Lou Piniella relate to his players, being a go-between essentially.

It seems to me that Grover could use someone like that, given his two year long "misunderstanding" with Ichiro and tendency to, well, forget that certain players exist.

Apparently the M's stole him out from under Piniella's nose. McLaren has a long history with Lou and was offered a job on his new Cubs staff. McLaren said he took the M's job because he loved Seattle, but we all know that being the bench coach of a manager on a short leash is generally a pretty good spot to be in. Its no guarantee of anything of course, but that guy often ends up with the interim manager's job at the very least.

Here's hoping all of his dreams come true. Sooner rather than later if you know what I mean. I have no idea if he would be any better than Human Brain Delay, but he could hardly be worse.


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